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20 Great Facebook Status Updates:

  1. I bet if we all threw our problems into a big pile, we’d see everyone else’s and scramble to get ours back.
  2. That awkward moment when you’re way more excited than little kids are to watch Finding Dory.
  3. If Tetris has taught me anything it’s that errors pile up and accomplishments disappear.
  4. How can Transformers 4 not be called Trans4mers?
  5. Hitting the snooze button is like hitting the “Next Episode” button on Netflix… it’s going to happen at least 3 times.
  6. Don’t compromise yourself: you’re all you’ve got.
  7. Sometimes the best moments in life are the ones you don’t tell anyone about.
  8. As a child, I could be anything. As an adult, I just wanna be that child.
  9. Singing passionately in the shower: Pretty good idea. Dancing passionately in the shower: Not so much.
  10. They say talking to yourself is a sign of mental illness. So I talk to the cat instead.
  11. If you text someone to tell them you’re standing outside of their house instead of knocking on the door, then you probably text too much.
  12. I’m dedicating this status update to all the status-less people out there. Stay strong.
  13. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.
  14. The moment someone tells you that you’re not good enough is the moment you know you’re better than them.
  15. The hardest things about beginning any new relationship has got to be learning how to fart quietly again.
  16. I try to live my life by the saying: “You scratch my back and I’ll let you know when to stop.”
  17. The awkward moment when you pull your blankets up and punch yourself in the face.
  18. Don’t confuse me with facts…My mind’s already made up.
  19. The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action.
  20. I’m not a picky eater or anything but I will look at both sides of a Dorito before I eat it to decide if its got a good cheesy dust ratio.

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