Baby LED Costume, Yawns, and Cute Statuses

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Top 20 Cute Facebook Statuses:

  1. Sure hope my neighbors like the three songs I listen to.
  2. The world would be a quiet place if we did that whole “think before you speak” thing.
  3. Dear LOL, thanks for being there when I have nothing else to say.
  4. There should be a 911 for when you’re lonely.
  5. Being awake is stupid.
  6. Home is where the free food is.
  7. Another beautiful morning I wish I was sleeping through.
  8. I just would like to point out that Cinderella is living proof that shoes CAN change your life!
  9. On one issue, at least, men and women agree: they both distrust women.
  10. Be nice to nerds, Chances are you will be working for them.
  11. All I needed was the kit but they made me buy the whole kaboodle.
  12. I’d probably want to go out tomorrow night if I wasn’t so tired from thinking about how to get out of going out tomorrow night.
  13. I think my girlfriend’s hallucinating. She keeps telling me she’s seeing other people.
  14. I believe every single word you say. It’s when you put them together to form a sentence that I think it’s bullshit
  15. I’m a mess. Not in the “beautiful mess” way. In the “you dropped an omelette all over the floor then stepped in it” way.
  16. I had a life once. Now I have an internet connection and a Macbook.
  17. Not working while at work is a natural born talent.
  18. Two knives taped together are not a suitable alternative to scissors.
  19. Prove that lightning isn’t wizards fighting.
    You can’t.
  20. Ringing in the “New Year” apparently is not a valid excuse for showing up to work 3 hours late… in October.

Yesterdays Status Updates…

Three Doggies Yawning…

dogs yawning

Adorable! Made me yawn 🙂

Baby LED Costume:


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