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20 Sharp Statuses for Facebook:

  1. What I know about you has earned my attention. What I don’t know about you is what makes you interesting.
  2. How big does a cupcake have to be before it’s just a cake?
  3. I’d rather be dangerously playing with wolves than stupidly sleeping with sheep.
  4. Pac-Man teaches us a valuable lesson eat everything you can, and if anyone tries to stop you, eat them.
  5. Fact: No one has ever “Jumped in the shower.”
  6. My level of lazy is that I don’t think house arrest would be that bad.
  7. My last words will be either “I wonder what this does…” or “no, you put YOUR gun down.”
  8. If you’re really cheap & leave a large sum of money behind when you die, it’ll end up going to someone who will blow it all in a month. That’s Karma.
  9. I have 4 missed calls from my mom. A rescue team is gonna break down my door and find me sitting in my underwear on my couch eating cheetos any minute now.
  10. Sarcasm doesn’t translate well online. Especially if you’re stupid.
  11. I used to like to get glue on my fingers so I could peel it off when it dried. I dunno why I brought that up, but I know I’m not alone here.
  12. If you have no internet history you silently admit wrong doing.
  13. My therapist said I needed goals so I went & bought a air hockey game & I honestly think this is a huge waste of time.
  14. I can sum up my life in three words: “just browsing, thanks.”
  15. “Let’s eat Grandma” or “Let’s eat, Grandma”- Punctuation saves lives.
  16. I’m so old I remember when people used to talk on cord phones.
  17. I believe what politicians say as much as I believe the person who says, “I never got that text.”
  18. I have a condition that makes me eat when I can’t sleep. It’s called Insom-nom-nom-nia.
  19. When someone tells me to guess something and I don’t but they keep telling me to try, I start to guess they want to be punched in the face.
  20. Ever want to say I Don’t Know, without sounding stupid? Say this instead: I hesitate to articulate in fear I may deviate upon the highest degree of accuracy.

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The Origins of the Angry Birds:

Original Angry Birds


As the myth-busters would say, very plausible explanation here 🙂 Share this cute theory on the origins of the Angry Birds with your Facebook friends for instant likes.

Guy Bets His Life Savings On ONE Spin of Roulette…


Well, that was nerve racking! Who does that?!?! Step 1. Post on your newsfeed Step 2. Prepare to get some of the most interesting comments you’ve seen in awhile..

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