Amazing Jam Session (Video)

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12 Really Funny Status Updates:

  1. How come people who think they know everything never seem to know when to shut up?
  2. Nice try Jehovah’s Witnesses but dressing up like cops and telling me you have a warrant is not going to get me to open my door.
  3. Tequila probably won’t fix your problems, but it’s worth a shot.
  4. Some people say a true friend stabs you in the front. I’m gonna go ahead and say a true friend just puts the knife down.
  5. Oh thank goodness, you posted another selfie. I almost forgot what you looked like since the selfie 5 minutes ago.
  6. Music is best when it’s louder than I can think.
  7. Oh, someone just broke your heart? Big deal, I just made a grammatical error on the internet.
  8. So fashion is cyclical, right? I guess what I’m asking is when will it be okay to start carrying a sword on my hip again?
  9. People in love use phrases like “takes my breath away” and “swept me off my feet”. I think they’re confusing love with attempted murder.
  10. Dear lady in front of me, it’s a speed bump, not a damn land mine.
  11. Let’s just call a vacation what it is: the opportunity to live like an alcoholic for a little while.
  12. My Tupperware lids and single socks are chilling somewhere laughing at me. Jerks!

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3 Random Dudes Sing Together = Amazing Jam Session (Video) 


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