3D Printed Spider, Slide Stairs, & Fantastic Status Posts

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Fantastic Facebook Statuses:

  1. Having a favorite homeless person is weird, right?
  2. Do you ever look at your life and think “What has the internet done to me?”
  3. I already know this is going to be a disaster. I pregret this.
  4. Ke$ha: weak music choice, strong password choice.
  5. Apparently, the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day. Not me. I look at it just once. For about 12 hours.
  6. Men, remember to re-stock the spiders this weekend so she remembers why she keeps you around.
  7. I’d go to the gym but I’m still tinkering with the ultimate workout playlist I started three years ago.
  8. So, I guess we’re just supposed to assume the number is 1-800-Ghostbusters?
  9. I have no time for stupid people But they sure do have time for me.
  10. Could you imagine if Alex Trebek had a twin? DOUBLE JEOPARDY.
  11. It’s not a nap unless your face wakes up in a puddle of your own drool.
  12. Wanted: rocket scientist to untangle these headphones.   (PS: Visit Zipbuds.com for the rocket scientists invention.)
  13. How much whiskey goes into cookies? I’m new to this whole baking thing.
  14. The best thing about Twitter & Instagram is that every girl finally gets to be a princess, or a _princess, or even a prin_cess.
  15. I will never forget the day when she said yes to me because that was the last time we agreed on anything.
  16. Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.
  17. People who complain about the weather are usually harder to deal with than the weather itself.
  18. Give yourself a chance to be happy. It might be easier than you think.
  19. Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.
  20. *Sends risky text* 15 seconds later no reply. “Oh God what have I done!”

Yesterdays Status Updates…

I could only dream…

slide stairs

One day, God Willing, Slide Stairs will be available everywhere.

You won’t believe what this 3D Printed Spider does…


If you guessed Rumba, you’re right. That was one amazing dance by a creepy 3D Printed Spider. What will Youtube bring us next???

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