Giant Monster, Animal Instinct, and 20 Great Facebook Statuses

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20 Great Facebook Statuses:

  1. Somewhere an elderly lady reads a book on how to use the internet, while a young boy Googles “how to read a book.”
  2. I wonder what “don’t touch” is in Braille.
  3. China has a billion people in it. One-in-a-million things happen one thousand times a day.
  4. I’ve tried several times, but I can’t pet a cat without plotting world domination.
  5. Well, at least it’s not Monday.
  6. If I save up all my dryer lint, I could spin it back into yarn and knit myself a sweater that’s the average color of my entire wardrobe.
  7. At 16, you get a car. At 21, you get a lot of free alcohol. At graduation, you get your student loan bills. It’s a downward slope.
  8. As an adult, I’m not eating nearly as much ice cream as 10 year old me thought I would.
  9. If John Hammond really had “Spared no expense” you’d think he’d have hired more than one IT guy for Jurassic Park.
  10. 3 Horrible Things In Life:
    1. Seeing your mom cry
    2. Seeing the love of your life fall in love with somebody else
    3. Slow internet connection
  11. I may be wrong, but I’m probably not.
  12. People wear masks to keep their identity hidden. Ninja turtles wear masks so we know which one we’re looking at.
  13. I just used the self checkout in Walmart without needing assistance and they made me district manager.
  14. Single white sock seeks same.
  15. My cat’s gonna be homeless unless he comes up with something funny to post on YouTube.
  16. The second I get shampoo in my eyes, I’m 100% sure there’s a murderer in my bathroom.
  17. There’s no panic like trying to press “End” when you make an accidental call.
  18. It saddens me that today’s youth will never have to endure the character-building pain of waiting for dial-up Internet to connect.
  19. I call my fists Thunder & Lightning because there’s about a one in a million chance that they’ll cause any damage.
  20. Is it ok to take a personal day if none of your pants fit? Asking for a friend.

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Animal Instinct..


There’s just something about animals that makes you want to say hello. Their humans, not so much.

Tiny Hamster Consumes Toxic Waste and goes on a rampage..

He really destroyed that city 🙂 in a delicious fashion. Please feel free to share if you enjoyed as much as I did!

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