Birthday Party canceled after 200,000 people RSVP to Facebook Invite.

We all send out Facebook Event Invites from time to time. Usually for your birthday or perhaps for a friends birthday.  Unfortunately sometimes you get the party crashers who weren’t invited but RSVP anyway. And, that is exactly what happened to this poor gal…

This funny story comes to us from Australia where a 16-year old girl canceled her birthday party…

Not because she is a celebrity but rather because more than 200,000 people unexpectedly accepted her gracious invitation to attend.

The poor gal, “Jess” sent out a Facebook invitation to the party located at her house. Apparently failing to utilize Facebook privacy settings (NOTE: Keep your event private) A 17-year old prankster took advantage of the overly kind invite, and made the whole ordeal viral.

Apparently over 215,000 people responded. After that, Jess sent a message: “it’s f***in off.”

On the original invitation, she told her guests that they could bring friends, and that she “didn’t have enough time to invite everyone.” She asked if friends would do it on her behalf. Guess what? Her friends took her request a little too literally…

Maybe next year she’ll learn to use Facebook Privacy options 😉  LESSON LEARNED!

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(Source: New York Daily News)