What is Facebook?

Sounds like a silly question right?  However, do you know how to explain what is Facebook?  The fact is, there are only 600Million people are on Facebook.  Only 600Million out of 6,852,472,823 people in the world.  Less than 9% of the world is on Facebook.  I guess Mr. Zuckerberg has his work cut out for him!  With less than 9% of the population on Facebook, you probably get the question… What is Facebook?  Not a simple question to answer. So next time some one asks you, don’t show them “The Social Network”, show them this…

Facebook Wikipedia Entry Visualized:

Ironically this neato visualization is provided by Qwiki a Search Engine Funded By Facebook Co-Founder, Eduardo Saverin. You may remember him being the guy escorted out of the Facebook building in “The Social Network”.  Regardless Qwiki certainly adds a fun twist on your Grandpas Wikipedia!