Today is National UnFriend Day (NUD) on Facebook

TV Personality and GGTK (Good Guy to Know) , Jimmy Kimmel , has declared today, Nov. 17th, 2010 as National UnFriend Day on Facebook.  Here is information direct from Jimmy:

Jimmy Kimmel has declared a new holiday on November 17th – National UnFriend Day. NUD is the international day when all Facebook users shall protect the sacred nature of friendship by cutting out any ‘friend fat’ on their pages occupied by people who are not truly their friends. Get ready to unfriend!

I know some of you may be thinking, “yeah, you know, this guy I was lab partner with in  high school is annoying, but why bother? I’ll just let it slide and ignore him.”

Well, you know who they said the same thing about? A guy named Hitler. Look it up.

Friendship is sacred, and Jimmy believes Facebook is cheapening it. So on November 17th, trim the “friend fat.”


There you have it folks, get out there and ditch those fake friends.  Spread the word!