Simple Yet Awesome Facebook Profile Hack

We mean “Hack” in the good sense.  Meaning, make it look different from all your friends seemingly boring Facebook profile page.  It is being proclaimed as “Profile-Maker Art Hack”  It’s really neat and will certainly make your profile stick out amongst the masses.  That is of course, if you get “in” on the fun before everyone else does…

This is accomplished using a third-party Facebook app, it’s really simple and the end result is something like this:

There’s a quick’n’easy (and safe) Facebook app that does it for you (as evidenced seen above.)

Takes all of 5 minutes using that app.  But, hurry folks this probably won’t last long!  Let us know how it works out for you and what your friends think and comment!

PS) Don’t like the results?  It’s super easy to change everything back.  Just change your profile pic & delete that post it makes.  Feel uneasy about the app?  Remove the permissions in the security section.

[ProfileMaker via Gizmodo via AllFacebook via BGR]