Stop Mesothelioma – Facebook Charity

Do some good with your Facebook account. Now is your chance to help STOP Mesothelioma!

LPK Lawfirm is donating $1 to Mesothelioma Research for every LIKE they get on Facebook up to $100,000 dollars. We think that’s really awesome of them and we hope that you can take 1second out of your day to help raise money for a good cause, just by LIKING something! Give them a LIKE and pass along the good word.

You can use your Facebook LIKE to have LPK Lawfirm donate $1 on your behalf (per like) to STOP MESOTHELIOMA!

For those of you that don’t know – Mesothelioma is a horrible disease that affects many people worldwide. It’s most commonly caused by Asbestos. You can learn more about it on Wikipedia.
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