How to use Facebook Questions.

By now you’ve probably seen the *hot* new Facebook Questions popping up in your news feed.  The concept is fairly simple…..  You ask a question and your Facebook Friends and their Friends answer it.  Recently Facebook rolled out the new Questions Feature to all users.  Here is an example:

Questions for Facebook

Pretty neat huh?  That’s an actual question you can answer on our Facebook Fan Page.

What’s this going to mean for the social network?  Well, first and foremost your News Feed is going to be flocked with all sorts of questions over the next few weeks.  As brands and pages explore this new feature you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the new feature.  Don’t worry, just like “Places”, the novelty wears off brands/fan pages will use this less and less.

How to Use Facebook Questions:

Step 1. Select the Question link from your ‘Status’ box.

How to use Facebook Questions?

Step 2. (Open-Ended Question) Currently, there are two types of questions you can ask. The first type is an ‘open ended’ question, where your friends can type their own answer.  To create an ‘open-ended’ Facebook question just type out your question in the space provided and then click the Ask Question button, or press enter.

Example Facebook Question

Step 2B. (Poll Question) Want to supply multiple choice answers for your Facebook friends? Simply type out your question, but before you click the Ask Question button, click the Add Poll Options link.

Facebook Questions Poll

The cool thing about the “Poll” feature is you can link it to Facebook Fan Pages by simply typing the name.  It will automatically ask you to choose which Fan Page you’d like it to link to.

That’s essentially it!  It’s super simple to post your own FB Question and invite your friends to answer it.  You’ll probably be surprised by how many people participate in your mini-poll.

Block / Hide Facebook Questions

Unfortunately there is no way to block Facebook Questions, as of now.  It also will display your name as a person who answered regardless of your privacy settings.  It’s very possibly Facebook will modify this in the near future and allow you to block/hide the feature.

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