Funny Facebook Status of The Week…

Funny Facebook Status

This week’s recap of funny facebook status updates:


  • Bamboozled.
  • in love with a stripper.
  • trying to sell my dad on all the reasons why I need that new iPhone for Christmas.
  • drunk. But, don’t call me a drunk.
  • slapping myself silly.
  • moving to china.  Not really, but could you imagine if I did?
  • listening to the smooth jazz sound of hot 97.3smooth jazz.
  • frumpy.
  • above the influence.


  • Stay thirsty, my friends.
  • man on toilet, is high on pot.
  • peer pressure is probably the coolest thing ever.
  • don’t use port-o-poties… for a number of reasons.  Don’t ask.


  • you should call me up, we could hang, it would be chill.
  • I am going absolutely nuts.
  • football should be on everyday.
  • football is rigged.

Check back later for more!