Facebook Usernames

As Facebook becomes more and more Twitter-like.  They added the bonus feature of being able to have a Username.  With your beautiful new facebook username you can pick a unique 5+letter handle that will supposedly make it easier for ppl to find you.  So next time your at a bar you can tell someone to find you @ Facebook.com/EasySlutBag

Hundreds of thousands of the best Usernames were snatched up in a matter of minutes.  Among them:




This DIGG Article highlights some good stuff about the new facebook usernames.

Hurry up and pick your unique username today because soon all the good ones will be all gone!

Here is our suggestion for you:  Facebook.com/Akward  (Still available at time of writing!)

With this awesome new feature, we also add a new feature.  “Funny Facebook Usernames” where we will let you know some of the most humorous usernames we encounter.