DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters


The ugly Christmas sweater party is quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated events of the holiday season. It can be so fun to go out with a group of girlfriends on a Friday night before the party and have a giant hunt for the ugliest Christmas sweater. Some of the best tweets and Instagram posts of the season usually include a group of friends, a family, or a couple clad in the ugliest and most interesting Christmas sweaters. Below we have pictured 4 of the best Christmas sweaters we have seen, and further on are descriptions of the sweaters and items that were used to create them, as well as items that could be used to create the perfect ugly Christmas sweater in preparation for a joyous season full of parties in which to show it off!

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Above are four of our most favorite ugly Christmas sweaters.

The first woman is wearing a sweater that she created out of an old sweatshirt, she just jazzed it up a little bit with some lights, and a great festive poinsettia at the top! She also included some shiny and sparkly garland to spice it up even more. These are all great elements of an ugly Christmas sweater, most of which you already probably have in stock at your house, in the closets and drawers!

The second sweater is one that takes two people to perfect! Both of these ladies started with a plain beige sweatshirt, and jazzed it up with some sparkly and vibrant foam stickers, pom poms, and pins. Then, for even more pizzazz, they each added a portion of a reindeer cutout. One is the front half of the reindeer, including the antlers and head, and the other dons the tail and back two legs. This is a great costume idea! You could do this with any holiday object that you wanted, not even just a reindeer. Some felt and hot glue could easily create Santa, a Christmas tree, Nativity Scene, candy cane, penguin, or any other holiday favorite! Again, this is a simple project that can be created with objects that you probably already have in the cupboards at home.

Third, we see possibly the most creative sweater out there! This designer took a plain dark green sweatshirt, synonymous with that of the color of a Christmas tree, and used tinsel garland, Christmas balls, hot glue, and a festive star to complete her look. When she raises her arms, voila, she looks just like a Christmas tree! This is a sweater that would also be a very easy DIY project, and you could even use it as a partner costume as well. Someone could dress up with you as a tree, too, or for parents, the kids could dress up as adorable little presents to put under the tree! The possibilities are endless.

Finally, we have a sweater that also creates a Christmas tree, but in a completely different a unique way! This designer took five men’s ties and arranged them so that they are connected at the top, but feather out at the bottom to create a Christmas tree that is topped off with another tie tied in the shape of a bow. She also added pom pom balls, chenille sticks, pins, and stickers to her tie tree to make it even more festive. You could even add small Christmas balls and lights to this project to make it even more festive.

Here, we covered four of the best Christmas sweaters on the internet! All of them were created using items that are common in almost any household, and used an old plain sweatshirt as the base for a very festive and eye-catching creation.

If you have any cool ideas for Christmas sweaters or have any thoughts to share on the ones we have pictured here, let us know what you think in the comments!