Disable Facebook Theater Mode

Recently Facebook rolled out a new way to view pictures, they call it Theater Mode.  In theory it’s a great new way to view pictures however, many users have complained and want their old picture view back.  If you’re one of those people this simple hack is for you…

The good news is there is a super simple way to side step the new “Theater Mode” photo view on Facebook.

  1. Open the picture you’d like to see in the new, Theater mode.
  2. Look to your browser URL bar and you’ll see a rather long URL,  at the end of this URL remove &theater from the end of the URL and hit Enter.
  3. Boom, you’re now viewing pictures the good ole way!
  4. This is not a “Permanent” solution so Rinse and repeat as often as you’d like.

Alternatively, you can use these browser plug ins: Install for Firefox here and Chrome here to permanently disable Facebook photo theater view!  Sorry Internet Explorer users :/ gotta do it manually for now.

So, we want to know… Are you sick of the new Facebook picture viewer?

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Update: As several users have pointed out, you can just “REFRESH” the page or press Ctrl+R to return to normal viewing as well.

[Source: TechPP ]