How to Search Facebook

Facebook Search:

Have you ever wondered just How To Search Facebook? Well it’s simple just type what you’re looking for below:

Try searching Facebook for your name or your best friends name and see what comes up. You’ll be very surprised! Maybe try searching some trending topics? Search Facebook for celebrities or sports and see what everyone is talking about on FB. It’s super simple to search Face book just enter your search query above and you’ll be searching only within FB.

Ideas to search for on Facebook:

  • Your Name
  • A Friends Name
  • Celebrities Name
  • Pets Name
  • Babies name
  • Hot / Trending Topics
  • Sports Teams & Figures
  • Item your shopping for

What will you find?  Well probably some cool new fan pages to join, maybe some great new friends.  You’ll be surprised with the vast amount of information contained within the custom search engine.