Getting more friends on Facebook.

Finding Facebook Friends 101

So, you weren’t that popular in school?  Now, you want to get back at the world by having as many friends as possible!  Well, Facebook is probably your best bet at making that happen. This is the definitive guide to making friends on Facebook!  It has everything you need to have the 2,000 cap of friends in no time…

A good start is Facebook itself.  They offer this friendly get started guide.

The best way to add friends is to join groups that you are genuinely interested in.  IE) Saved by the Bell.   Join that group, contribute some Zach/Slater comedic trivia.  Then add some ppl who respond/comment on your stuff!  Boom, you can easily add a couple new geniune friends a day this way.

Find friends through other friends. Click through their lists of friends and add others to your own list. Once they accept your requests you can fully view their profiles and send them messages.  Meet someone once in real life?  No problem, add them and they are your facebook friend for life!

  • Looking for random “new” friends??? Try searching for different apps.  Like maybe “PenPal” for instance or just try searching for friends.  Who knows, you are bound to find and App and make some new friends off it!