Facebook Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Cool Facebook Tips and Tricks: A How-to Guide

Facebook isn’t just status updates anymore. There’s a ton more to discover including basic tips that’ll make you go “Whoa, I can do that?” Yep, you sure can. And, you don’t have to have any fancy programming skills – any of these tricks or tips are super easy and kinda fun. There are tons of favorite tips and tricks for using the social network, but here are the Top 5 Facebook tips and tricks of all time.

1. How to hide an status update from an annoying friend

Of course, you love your dear friend, just not their annoying 24/7 status updates that are unfunny and basically a waste of your time. That’s fine. They don’t have to know you’ve just shut them down – Facebook allows users to hide status updates from certain people with a click of the button and they’ll never, ever know. Presto-bingo!

To get started:

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Find the “What’s on your mind” dialogue box on the Facebook dashboard (the first page you see when you log into your account)
  3. Click on the padlock icon
  4. Find the dropdown menu and select “customize”
  5. Click “hide from” and select the appropriate friend
  6. Voila!

2. How to pre-schedule your status updates

We understand. You’re a totally busy, popular, amazingly connected guy or gal on the go and that’s cool with us. Schedule your status updates on the go with useful social media management tools. Yep, they exist!

Consider trying:

All of those websites can really help you achieve some great timed Status Updates.  Best part: it’s free! Just sign in with Facebook Connect, and fill out your time zone, the status update, and when it should be posted.

3. How to tag your friends in your status updates

There have been a bunch of searches on the question “how can I make someone’s name go blue in a Facebook status?” so let’s discuss this together – first, super easy. Second, if you’re a Twitter fan, this will be second nature (if you aren’t, it’s easy as pie).

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Type your thought into the Facebook dialogue box
  3. Now, tag a friend. Use the @ symbol and select from an automatically generated list of friends. Continue to type the person’s name until s/he appears.
  4. Select the person’s name once it appears
  5. Click “Share”

4. How to add cool symbols to your Facebook status update

Sure, the old 🙂 standby is a classic. Perhaps even 😀 is a great option to show a little more excitement. And, if you’re really cool, hey, the 😎 screams awesome… if you’re still living in 2008. Add a little flair to your status update with cooler emoticons.  Here are some easy ways to do symbols on Facebook:

Mobile Symbols: If you have an iPhone,iPod, iPad, or Android try our Funny Status Updates for Facebook app, it features over 3,000+ funny status updates and 800 symbols plus tons of other goodies..

5. Play a joke on your friends using Facebook URL trickery

Okay, while this may involve a little good-spirited teasing, it’s still fun as ever. Here’s a little trick you can play on all of your Facebook friends.

The URL link http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363 actually takes the user to their very own profile when clicked. Get it? Make sure to remove the link preview that Facebook adds before posting. So, imagine the status updating fun, i.e.:

“Totally awful pictures. Not pretty! http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363”
“Caught shoplifting last year: http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363”
“Can’t stand these updates: http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363”

Shall we continue on? Or maybe you’ll just go have your own fun. Warning: if you’re friends with your boss, you may have some explaining to do.

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