How to Score a Date on FB

How to get a date on Facebook.

So you want to score a date on facebook, huh?

Whether you’re a guy or a girl you came to the right place!

Without a doubt we can teach anyone exactly how to score a date on Facebook! We will change that relationship status in no time at all.

Here’s How:

The No-Fail Method to getting a Date on Facebook.

First off and most importantly please realize something…

Believe it or not – NOT many people are using Facebook as a dating tool.

You need to accept the following fact:

Facebook is typically not a place to find dates.

However, in your very lucky case we can very slyly and coyly work around that.

Accepted that fact? Good, now moving on….

A “DATE” is a stupid and very intimidating word. It insinuates that you will be taking someone out for what is likely a very akward event. Right off the bat, don’t ask anyone out on a “DATE” unless you are a seasoned pro, which in case why are you reading this?

Let’s think of some other words for “DATE”…

  • Sushi and Sake @ (Insert Sushi reputable joint here) (my favorite, works almost every time)
  • Drinks with some geniuses at the lovely (Insert “not so noisy/busy” bar name here)
  • Some friends and I are checking out the new (Insert “casual” new restaurant here)
  • Group of us are checking out (Insert Local Artist/Band/Play) Sidenote: No Movies

Clearly there are millions of better, friendlier, non-suggestive names for “DATE”. I’m sure you can probably now conjure up some of your own…


Before you run off and use your new founded knowledge there is more you need to know…

Take a step back and relax. It’s not a date (wink) (wink)!

If you’re confident enough you can fly solo, but it’s not recommended.

I recommend you invite a small select (rigged) group of friends on this date. Preferably 3 other people…

  1. The funny “wing”person: Helps keep everything lively and friendly.
  2. Member of the opposite sex: Makes whomever your targeting feel good & safe about coming out.
  3. Intelligence Operative: Someone who is going to be analyzing what you and your target are talking about. If you get into a wrong topic area he/she should interrupt.

You could use Facebook’s included “Group Event” however, that my friends is somewhat forward. Most people will ignore you here. So don’t use it! In fact, this is no event at all. Rather a “small gathering” of good friends trying to have some intelligent conversation.

Instead, utilize the wonderful “Mutual Friends” category. Who do you two know in common? Those should be at least one of the people you invite to this “small gathering” above.

Because this group is rigged and comprised of a “Mutual Friend” you cannot trust them not to tell your target what you are up to. Therefore at least (1) of your rigged guests should be an extremely trustworthy close and non-mutual friend. They should be briefed on their position and ideally will be the Intelligence Operative.

From here it’s a relatively simple task of setting up the “small gathering”. Imagine yourself in your targets shoes, where would they be interested in going? You can do a little minor stalking and read their interests. This will help give you valuable insight to what might attract them. However, do NOT ever make plans based directly related to their interests. This could get you majorly busted. For example, if you start spouting out every movie and book they love – you’re done for you dirty stalker, you!

Make the necessary arrangements and remember to keep it casual and friendly. Interactive atmospheres are the best kind. This is why Sushi works great. Your target’s not into Seafood? Try Fondue!

Now that you are on “Small Gathering” just be yourself and try to slowly win over your target. Next time around you just might find yourself on a solo mission!

Finally Do’s and Dont’s…


  • Be Social, Be yourself. Everyone has common interests… I bet you liked Forrest gump!
  • Make semi-frequent (once every other day) status updates about your current location. Make it somewhere cool and doing something fun. IE) Happy hour @ Fridays w/the co-workers. or Climbing Everest… Not really, I’m at Taco Tuesdays.
  • Assume the other person has an interest in you. Who says they don’t?
  • Confidence is key. You are awesome! Say that in the mirror before you go out, it works.


  • Don’t be a creepy/akward person.
  • Don’t post constant status updates about how your “So lonely” or “Looking for Mr. Right” or “Guess he’s just not that into me”
  • Don’t come off as desperate.
  • Don’t overdress, but don’t underdress. Casual is key.
  • Don’t bring up Facebook, NERD!
  • Don’t post wierd pictures of yourself. Or pics of you doing stupid things. Analyze all your pics. Keep it to a minimum of really flattering pics. Untag yourself in others pics if necessary.

In closing, who am I to help you get a date?

Well, let’s just say I write for a little known gentlemens magazine that you read only for the articles.

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Rules of “The Game” :

1. You can only “game” a person with whom you are prepared to fail (if you find yourself wanting them too badly, you’ll never have them)
2. Exude extreme confidence
3. Demonstrate some kind of value, skill or talent NEAR your target, but not directly to them. Initially, pretend you don’t even notice them.
4. Win over the friends
5. Be hard to get
6. Be fun
7. Handle challenges from competing people intellectually and psychologically. Never fight.
8. Respond to any signs that they are not interested as if it were “no big deal”
9. Once you have your target’s attention, playfully insult (“neg”) them. For example, “I like your hair, is that your natural color?” The more beautiful the person, the more effective the neg is in garnering interest as they rarely hear comments of that nature.
10. Once attraction has been established, punish any unwanted behavior by withdrawing and disinterest, but do not pout or have an attitude.
11. Alternate between attraction and disinterest signals in a push-pull fashion until rapport is established