Weekend is Happening!

Ladies and gentlemen time to relax, the weekend is finally upon us.  Whether you work or don’t this weekend just take a few moments to take in the beautiful wonderful world we live in.  Share some laughs with your friends with his hilarious stuff you can post to your FB account.  Do yourself a favor and go and see the Social Network movie this weekend…

Funny Status Updates for Facebook:

  • The atheist at his funeral is all dressed up with nowhere to go.
  • Girls are like roads, more the curves, more the dangerous they are. (From our 4.5-star Rated Funny Status Updates iPhone App – Over 25k/users that average over 5+comments & likes per status update!)
  • Trust but verify.
  • Anyone can quit smoking, it takes a real man to fight cancer.
  • If you want to be a leader with a large following, just obey the speed limit on a winding, two-lane road.
  • (After Facebook was down) Facebook users are roaming the streets in tears, shoving photos of themselves in people’s faces and screaming ‘DO YOU LIKE THIS? DO YOU??’
  • I find steelworkers to be riveting.
  • My favourite beer? The one that makes her pretty! (From @Karl T on our Funny Status Update Fan Page for daily funny status updates)
  • Chuck Norris and Superman once made a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underpants on the outside.
  • Potty says 18 to 36 months but it must be broken because my toddler filled it up in like 2 weeks.
  • The difference between a champ and a chump is u.
  • Anything not nailed down is a cat toy. (By way of @FreeFunnyStuff our red-headed stepchild of a twitter account.)
  • Sometimes it’s hard work making myself look this busy.
  • Murphy’s Unspeakable Law: As soon as you mention something.. if it’s good, it goes away. If it’s bad, it happens.

Blame someone else and get on with your life. – Alan Woods

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Hahah, oh man that sucks! Enjoy the NFL  this weekend, guys. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!  See you on Monday, folks For some more awesome content throughout the weekend “like” our FB Fan Page & Download our 4.5-star Rated iPhone App. Thanks for stopping by!