Wednesday Afternoon Status Updates

Humpy day is nearly finished.  It’s again almost the weekend!  How awesome.  Unless you are one of those the glass is half empty sort of people.  Then well, you still have 2 days of work or school.  Here are your daily clever facebook status updates:

  • This day in 1875, Billy the Kid was arrested for the first time.  (Fact of the day)
  • Funky butt lovin’
  • wondering what is up with Obamacare?  For or Against? Facebook America, You decide!
  • Fantasy football is about as close as most men will ever get to being a professional athlete.
  • I just called 911 because you are on FIRE!

Question of the day for your FB Status:

  • What character from “That 70’s Show” would most likely say the phrase, “Dumbass”?     A: Red Foreman.

Video Update of the Day:

David Letterman takes a sneak peak at the new iPhone Nano.


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