Thirsty Thursdays Funny Facebook Status Updates

Good news:  It’s almost Friday.  Bad News: It’s only Thursday.  That being said we have some funny goods to get you through the day.  Including funny facebook status updates, pictures, videos and more.  Stay tuned to the website because we got tons of other great stuff coming soon.  Thanks for visiting please bookmark and check back everyday for awesome new funny facebook status updates.

Funny Facebook Status Updates:

  • No one likes a smartass.  Especially another smartass. Unless they have their own TV show, then they’re a comic genius.
  • Projectile vomiting rarely gets you a return invitation anywhere.
  • Before you use the bathroom in someones house make sure you check they have toilet paper!!
  • Note to self: Making love to blow-up doll is not as good as advertised.
  • Get Nationwide Unlimited Minutes/Text/Web for only $30/month through Cricket Wireless.
  • Remember no matter how bad life gets, there is always beer!
  • would rather check her facebook than face her checkbook.

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