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Funny Status Updates for Monday:

  • I have to take my paycheck to the bank. It’s too little to go by itself.
  • I wonder why it is, that young men are always cautioned against bad girls. Anyone can handle a bad girl. It’s the good girls men should be warned against.
  • The day when Youtube, Facebook & Twitter combine to form “YouTwitFace” (from our FB Fan Page)
  • Please use caution when opening overhead compartments as shift happens.
  • “A little lie is like a little pregnancy: it doesn’t take long before everyone knows.” -C.S.Lewis
  • Home is where you can say anything you like ’cause nobody listens to you anyway.
  • Never agree to plastic surgery if the doctor’s office is full of portraits by Picasso.
I’m not perfect, but I’m better than your ex and gonna be better than your next.

Funny Picture to Post:

Darn it!!!

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