Ridiculous Status Updates for Thursday.

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Ridiculous Status Updates for Facebook:

  • My coworkers are exceptionally dedicated. You should see how far they’ll go to annoy me.
  • Sorry, Officer…I thought you wanted to race with me..
  • W.W.B.W.D? = What would Betty White do?  (From Marie on our Facebook Fan Page)
  • Did I ever tell you about my roofer who came down with shingles?
  • he oil spill has hit 4 million gallons. or two escalade fill ups
  • discovered the secret of the universe, but forgot it after he woke up. (From David on our Facebook Fan Page)

Where does a hamburger go to dance? A meat ball.

Funny Picture to Post:

Ridiculous Video to Post:


Now, that is just ridiculous.  So is our ridiculous $5 eBook.