Power Rangers, Crazy Car Chase, and 20 Cool Status Updates

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Cool Facebook Status Updates:

  1. Men get frustrated because they don’t understand how women think. Women get frustrated because they understand how men think.
  2. I have lots of great personality traits. Or as my doctor calls them, symptoms.
  3. I wouldn’t really mind being left to my own devices as long they were fully charged and there was WiFi.
  4. There are starving kids in Africa. IHOP has a “Kids Eat Free” promotion. Just build an IHOP in Africa. Problem solved.
  5. Almost considered doing something with my life, but then I sat down and logged into Facebook.
  6. There are over 4 million workplace injuries reported every year. Play it safe…call in sick tomorrow.
  7. McDonald’s should have an express drive thru lane just for people who need french fries.
  8. Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.
  9. Still waiting for one of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends to write a song called “Maybe You’re the Problem”…
  10. Google: I know everything. Facebook: I know everyone. Internet: Without me, you’re nothing. Electricity: Keep talking fools.
  11. If the Mayans have taught us anything, it is that if you don’t finish something, it’s not the end of the world.
  12. “Crap, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.” “Just cancel it. Tell them you’re sick.”
  13. Turns out, “Definitely not still working here!” is not a great answer to: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”
  14. If there’s one person that could persuade me to go back to school, it would have to be Shannen Doherty. Good call, Education Connection.
  15. Tell everyone you meet you know how to surf. No one checks.
  16. I can’t get out of bed. These blankets have accepted me as one of their own and If I leave now I might lose their trust.
  17. If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. And if they won’t leave, get a restraining order.
  18. Coffins are creepy unless you put fluorescent lights inside and tell people it will make them tan.
  19. If alcohol kills germs and laughter is the best medicine, I’m the healthiest person on the planet.
  20. I dont think I could ever stab someone… I can barely get the straw in the Capri Sun.

Yesterdays Status Updates…

Looks like the P0wer Rangers predicted the Google Logo:

Power Rangers Google Logo

So they were mighty morphin’ power rangers from the future. Seemed legit, and now we know… In the future Google runs everything including Space Travel.

Crazy Car Chase:


LOL, did not see that one coming 🙂 Share this unexpectedly awesome car chase video on your Facebook for instant likes, comments, and karma.

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