Most Beautiful Horse, Awesome Statuses, and a Grape Eating Dragon

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Awesome Status Updates:

  1. I always thought by 2013 we would have flying cars. Instead, we have blankets with sleeves.
  2. That awkward moment when somebody is doing dishes and you slowly put another dish in the sink.
  3. No pants are the best pants.
  4. I love how when my soap runs out in the shower, my shampoo magically transforms into body wash.
  5. I keep my landline active because I know sooner or later Trinity or Morpheus will contact me.
  6. The sad moment when you return to your ordinary life after watching an awesome movie.
  7. Touch it gently, put two fingers inside, if it’s wide use three fingers, make sure it’s wet and rub up and down. Yep that’s how you wash a cup.
  8. I could be in another country but if someone is waiting on me and they call, I always say I’ll be there in 5 minutes.
  9. If time does not wait for you, don’t worry. Just remove the battery from the clock and enjoy life.
  10. That awkward moment when you think someone was waving at you, so you wave back, then play it off like you were just scratching your head.
  11. I’m going to lose weight. I’m going to exercise everyday. I’m going on a diet and I’ll stick to it.. Hey, is that cake?
  12. You don’t have to run faster than the zombies. Just faster than your friends.
  13. A man walks into a bar. The man looks sad, the bartender asks him, “Long day?” The man replies saying, “No, every day is 24 hours long.
  14. Wish breaking up with someone meant they had to refund all the money you spent on them.
  15. Has that kid in the Dreamworks logo even caught a single fish yet?
  16. If you tickle me, I’m not responsible for your injuries.
  17. At this point, it’d be more efficient to use “WAS NOT MADE IN CHINA” stickers.
  18. 20 years from now, some adults are going to say they grew up on the “bad part of town,” meaning there was no 4G in that area.
  19. If watching the big-screen TV with your pants off and a bag of Doritos is wrong, then they shouldn’t have couches at this Best Buy.
  20. I really don’t want a birthday card. Just give me the $4 you would’ve spent on it. If it makes you feel better sign your name on each dollar.

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Horse from Turkey was named the “Most Beautiful” horse in the world:

Most Beautiful Horse in the World

That is one shiny and attractive horse! But, most beautiful horse in the world? I don’t know about that! What do you think???

Bearded Dragon Attacks Grape, Hilarity Ensues… (Hint: Watch till the end)


About time we see more respect for high quality reptile videos on ye olde YouTube! And, it’s about time that grape starts showing Mr. Bearded Dragon man a little more respect 🙂 Anyhow, share this awesome video on your Facebook for instant likes, comments, and karma.

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