Hilarious Weekend Wrap-Up of Status Updates & More!

We finally made it to the week-end, congratulations 🙂  These hilarious status updates will get you through the week-end…

Funny Status Updates for Facebook & Twitter:

  • History tells a story. That’s why you must always clear it before your girlfriend uses the computer.
  • Aren’t the “good things that come to those who wait” really just leftovers from people who got there first?
  • Last night, hot words flew between us…. She threw alphabet soup in my face.
  • Interesting Fact:
    Put two straws in your mouth: one inside a drink and one outside it. You won’t be able to drink through either straw. Try it!
  • A blond texts a brunette ‘What does IDK mean’ the brunette replies ‘I Don’t Know’ then the blond replies: ‘No one seems to know’ ツ (From our updated daily FB Fan Page)
  • Favre will be announcing his decision in a month long special on ESPN called ESPN.
  • If its good, it’s wonderful, if it’s bad, it’s experience…no regrets.
  • Picture: 8 minutes ago he was fired. http://dlvr.it/1GHKc
  • At my lemonade stand I used to give the first glass away free and charge five dollars for the second glass. The refill contained the antidote.
  • I am a deeply superficial person.
  • I have an oven with a ‘stop time’ button. It’s probably meant to be ‘stop timer’ but I don’t touch it, just in case.

Why don’t they hide mystery novels at the book store?

Funny Picture to Post:

Another Funny Picture to Post:

The caption, “Turns Birdies into man’s best friend”  Now that is creative advertising 🙂

Funny Video to Post:


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