Fussy Puppy, Best Friends, & Top Facebook Posts


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Top 15 Facebook Status Posts this week:

  1. I’m so bored of being bored because being bored is really boring.  (*NEW* iPhone App: Funny Status 2 ★★★★★ )
  2. British accent: Justin Biebah. American: Justin Biebur. Australian: Jastin Beybah. You just tried out all of the accents, didn’t you?
  3. Tracking a package isn’t enough. Once it is “out for delivery” I want GPS tracking of the truck.
  4. It’s too bad your funny status was ruined by your inability to spell.
  5. Teachers act fake when the principal comes in the classroom.
  6. The idiot in horror movies who suggests they should split up.
  7. Admit it. You get a small rush of happiness when your crush likes your Facebook picture or status. ( 239+LIKES in 3minutes on Funny Status Fan Page )
  8. The Worst Feeling: Seeing a cop car make a u-turn behind you.
  9. Have you ever changed a whole text message just because you didn’t know how to spell one word?
  10. If you say LOL or OMG out loud, I don’t like you.
  11. Admit it… We don’t call Gatorade by its flavors, we call it by its colors.
  12. Whenever I tell the cashier to ‘keep the change’, it takes everything in my power not to call them a filthy animal.
  13. 2013. The year when the movie 2012 will be moved from the action section, to comedy section.
  14. Having a sarcastic conversation with yourself when people are ignoring you. (VIA Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )
  15. The best revenge is living a kick ass life.

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An Unlikely Set of Best Friends:

Best Friends

This is one Fussy Puppy:


LOL! That little guy has got a little attitude on him 🙂 Share this adorably cute video with your Facebook friends for instant likes and comments.

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