*Funny Status Updates* (iPhone 4) Day Release Special

June 24th, 2010 is here and if you’re lucky enough your iPhone pre-order is on it’s way to your home 🙂  In honor of this special occasion we are having a special *Funny Status Updates* (iPhone) release day special.  However, whether you have a new iPhone or old one or even and iPod touch, download our 4-star rated iPhone app!  And if you don’t have any of those devices then just share this update with a friend and make sure to stop back tomorrow for the world famous weekend wrap-up…

Funny Status Updates for Facebook about your new iPhone:

  • iOS4 introduces multitasking, folders, books, mail and spell checking. Everything you’ve had in your office for years.
  • iPhone 4: Loses bars when you hold it, gets lost in bars when you don’t.
  • So it begins: The iPhone 4 shatters like a mofo http://bit.ly/axGtjc
  • Can everyone who has an iPhone 4 stop talking about it until the rest of the world has them? Thanks.
  • Note : Engadget owner Joshua Topolsky returned his first iPhone in 2007 (http://bit.ly/9ears3).  Now he loves it.
  • the US advanced in the worldcup, an earthquake hits the east coast, and the iphone4 is arriving? there’s no way Facebook will survive.
  • the… iphone4…. is… so… beautiful… it makes me wanna cry :’)

Funny Picture to Post:

The future of the iPhone.

Funny Video to Post:  (Banned iPhone 4 Promo Video / Language Warning )


Alright folks, that is it for the iPhone release date special edition.  Stop by tomorrow for the always popular Weekend Wrap-up!  Thanks!

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