Funny “Monday” Statuses for 2011

Happy New Year my fellow Facebookers!  Hope you had a wonderful, safe, and enchanting Holiday. Enjoy our daily dose of laughs for you to share with your friends…

Funny Status Updates for Facebook:

  • Never take a pill that has more side effects than you have symptoms. (From our 4.5-star Rated Funny Status Updates iPhone App)
  • Welcome to 2011, where we have flying cars and honest politicians.
  • If your New Year’s resolution involves less drinking or cursing, it involves less of me.
  • Allergy alert: This status may contain peanuts.
  • The best nicknames are the ones people don’t know they have.
  • May you have a prosperous New Year. I may need to borrow money. ツ ( “Like” our Funny Status Update Fan Page for daily Funny Status Updates)
  • Any convenience store that requires the customer to wear pants isn’t convenient at all.
  • Football consists of 22 men on the field desperately in need of a rest and 50,000 in the stands desperately in need of exercise.
  • You know how everyone has that one crazy uncle? Well I don’t. I have come to the sad realisation that my dad is the ‘crazy uncle’ of our family.
  • Women speak two languages, one of which is verbal.
  • When in roam, watch out for those hidden charges. (From our Twitter Account: @FreeFunnyStuff )

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