Freaky Fridays with Funny Facebook Status Updates (say that ten times fast)

Hey folks, you made it through another crazy work week.  Or if you are a youngin’  you made it through a school week.  Either way it’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m bout to have me some fun!

Here are your Freaky Friday Funny Status Updates:

  • You don’t need to follow Chuck Norris on Twitter, he is already following you.
  • I hope you realize that everything you write on Facebook will be available to your kids some day.
  • Did you know that the nametag on the woman on the Progressive commercial reads “Flo”?  Excuse me, Flo!
  • Boy bands are so passé.
  • I heard that Kayne West changed his name to Kayne Bitch.

See you next week for more funny facebook status updates.