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  • Thank goodness pets can’t talk, they all know too much!  (From our 4.5Star Rated: ★★★★★ iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • You know your stupid when you don’t even know the sample question.
  • Life is sooooooo much funnier when you have a dirty mind.
  • Skinny people go skinny dipping… what do fat people do? Chunky dunk?
  • Some girls are tan and others look like they went face first into a bag of Cheetos.
  • Change is good as long as I don’t have to do anything different.
  • There should be some sort of device that instantly makes my bed less comfortable when my alarm goes off in the morning.
  • Some guys wear so much cologne, you can smell it through their Facebook photos.   (152+Likes in 9minutes – Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page )
  • Saying,” OH YEAH I REMEMBER ” when you really don’t.
  • I still sing my ABC’s to see which letter comes first.
  • No matter how old you are, If a little kid shoots you with a toy gun, you pretend to die.
  • Bumping into an object and saying “Owwww!” even though it didn’t hurt.
  • That awkward moment when you get to the gym and all the machines are taken.
  • You are never fully dressed until you wear a smile.
  • Take my advice; I don’t use it anyway.  (From Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )
  • Pictures can be deceiving…

It’s a CAT in a BOX:

Cat in a Box

Just a CAT in a box folks, not much else to see here. Except for ADORABLENESS and the stuff that makes you irresistibly smile! Share on your FB wall for tons of LIKEs and comments 🙂

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Baby Otters in a Tub:


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