Black Friday Status Updates

Let the madness begin, share one of these…

Black Friday Status Updates:

  1. Black Friday is the second closest thing to a zombie apocalypse except they want sales instead of brains.
  2. Am I the only person who thinks that restaurants should have Black Friday sales too?
  3. Some people should buy a sense of humor on Black Friday.
  4. Black Friday through the years:
    2005: 5am
    2010: 3am
    2012: 12am
    2013: Thursday 8pm
    2014: Thursday.
    2020: 4th of July
  5. Mom can I borrow $2000 for Black Friday shopping?
  6. It’s ironic that retailers complain about insanity on┬áBlack Friday, and yet, they choose to call their best deals “door busters.”
  7. Who wants to put on bear costumes with me and tear apart the tents of people camping outside the stores for Black Friday?
  8. Black Friday more like Black Everyday.
  9. If I die at Walmart on Black Friday, please drag my body to Nordstroms. Thank You.
  10. Black Friday shopping be like