Angry Frog, Snowballs, and Top Facebook Statuses.

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Top Facebook Statuses This Week:

  1. Hate it when you open the fridge and can’t find what you were looking for; like happiness and perfect abs. ( 100K+ Statuses: Funny Status iPhone App  5★ Ratings)
  2. That awkward moment when you’re actually telling the truth but you laugh during it, and everybody thinks you’re lying.
  3. It appears I’m friends with at least 200 babies on Facebook.
  4. Move your office desk into the elevator and ask people who get on if they have an appointment.
  5. Just did 100 crunches. Crumbs everywhere.
  6. Don’t take it personally if I don’t like you. Some of my best friends are people I don’t like.
  7. Boobs are proof that men can focus on 2 things at once.
  8. Remember ladies, your guy is like your mascara. If you get too emotional, they’ll both run.
  9. You can’t wish for change if you’re not prepared for something new.
  10. I’m worried about my bed. It looks really lonely. I’d better give it a few extra hours of cuddling today.
  11. One of the greatest fears on Facebook is accidentally using the status update as the search bar.
  12. What’s red and goes “Oh, Oh, Oh!”? Santa walking backwards.
  13. All I want for Christmas is you… to get hit by a reindeer.
  14. Stop worrying about people and their opinions. If people don’t like you. It’s mind over matter, I mind & you don’t matter.
  15. I’m such a dork, whenever I get on to a secured WiFi network. I feel like one of those hackers in the movies, and yell “We’re IN!”
  16. That awkward moment when Kim Kardashian realizes Kanye West doesn’t play in the NFL or NBA.
  17. They moved my favorite machine at the gym, and I’m pissed. Now I have to walk up two flights of stairs to get my Cheetos.
  18. You’re the only one who wore a red and yellow scarf to class. So don’t look at me weird for shouting “10 points for gryffindor” when you answer questions cause I know you wanted this.
  19. Oh, you hate drama? Please continue to dramatically complain about it.
  20. I really pity whoever is the last man on earth. Most women agree they want nothing to do with that guy.

This is exactly how I feel when this happens…

The winter king

I’m scared :/ and I didn’t even throw anything! Share this winterly wonderful meme on your FB to score likes galore.

How to Piss a Frog Off:


Phone screens are just so realistic these days. Even tricking poor frogs!

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