40 Teaching Memes That Will Make Any Teacher Laugh…Then Cry

teacher wars

I know plenty of teachers that live off of only coffee and memes. A good sense of humor is necessary when you’re surrounded by children for 40 hours a week, at a minimum. Teaching memes give an insight into the daily struggles of teachers, and why they are the real-life superheroes in our lives. Check out 40 of our favorite teaching memes below, and cry with us over the reality that is being a teacher.

1. I was literally asleep an hour ago. Give me a second.

2. Honestly, I think this has more potential to be stolen than a regular old bathroom pass.

3. Fairy Godmothers by September, dinosaur wranglers by June.

4. Ah a few seconds of medit- HEEYYYY MISS I HAVE A QUESTION

5. “That’s 3 days after my cat’s birthday!”

6. If holding my pee was an Olympic sport, I’d have more medals than Michael Phelps.

7. The hardest decision of every day.

8. English teacher humor is the best kind of humor.

9. The apple never falls far from the tree.

10. A sense of fear and panic makes your adrenaline rush.

11. I love standardized testing!- said no one ever.

12. Don’t worry, I get paid whether you listen or not.

13. Asking for a volunteer always boosts participation.

14. You only have standardized tests that you don’t write to prove you don’t suck.

15. Don’t you think I deserve extra credit because I’ve been slacking off all semester? Well maybe if I start YELLING AND CRYING

16. Ah, I remember those days…

17. When you hear your first name bellowed from across the classroom, you know something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

18. You aren’t gonna give me extra credit? I’M CALLING THE SUPERINTENDENT

19. It all comes full circle.

20. The oldest line in the book, with the oldest negotiation in the book.


22. The sad reality for…literally every teacher ever.

23. Laminating Tuesdays get me excited.

24. I clocked out when y’all did. We’re all in this together.

25. Every teacher has their one kryptonite subject…

26. Always busy, all the time.

27. It’s fun understanding math.

28. Definitely realistic.

29. Opening up that cellophane in the last week of August like

30. I will start giving out end-of-the-year awards. I already know who to hand this to.

31. Once we hit the second week of May, it’s like no one wants to be in school! Wild!

32. Prize days are always chaos.

33. Over my dead, wheezing, lifeless corpse. Give me some Halls and I’m good to go.

34. If you need me, I’ll be in the wine aisle.

35. Teaching sounds fun until you grade all the tests YOU ASSIGNED.

36. Gee, it’s like beating a dead horse with standardized curriculum doesn’t work. Better cut 15 minutes off of lunch time to make up for it!

37. We’ve all been on both sides of this.

38. Guilty.

39. To correct myself, or to see if no one catches it and carry on…

40. The perfect Christmas gift for a teacher. No more mugs, people!