Already in a Slump? Here’s a Wednesday Meme Collection to Cheer You Up


We're all familiar with the mid-week slump. On Monday and Tuesday, we can still ride out the fun and excitement of the weekend, and we're full of energy and motivation after our days of relaxation. Thursday and Friday aren't too bad either, as we can see the end in sight and begin to anticipate sleeping in and enjoying our time with friends in the days to come. Wednesday, on the other hand, has almost no redeeming qualities, which is why the invention of the Wednesday meme was so essential.

Wednesday can be difficult for even the most motivated go-getter. By the middle of the week, you have been waking up for work and expending your energy for days, but you still feel so far from the coming weekend. Hump day is aptly named because Wednesdays truly can feel like a hump that you must make it over, like an emotional mountain that you must traverse.

To combat your exhaustion and lack of motivation, it's important to search for things that bring a smile to your face. Memes are the perfect solution, since they are funny and to-the-point, allowing you to share a laugh without becoming completely distracted from your work.

What Is Hump Day?

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Hump Day is the new term for Wednesday, made famous by the hilarious GEICO commercial featuring a camel walking through an office and loudly proclaiming that it is "hump day." The name represents the lack of motivation and enthusiasm that many students and workers experience on Wednesdays. Life can be emotionally draining and exhausting especially when you feel so far from the weekend. Hump day is an unfortunate and inevitable part of a 9-to-5 workweek or a college class schedule, but there are certain ways to make it go smoother and faster.

How to Get Through Your Hump Day Slump

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Sometimes you wake up on a Wednesday feeling hopeless and exhausted with no idea on how you're going to make it all the way to Friday. Don't give up yet! We have some fool-proof techniques that will help you get through your hump day slump no matter how discouraged you feel. Try one of these research-proven solutions to bring motivation and positivity back into your hump day.

Take a Break

This solution may seem counterintuitive: you're probably thinking that it would be foolish to take a break when you have a giant stack of work staring you in the face. However, sometimes all your brain needs to reboot is some time away from the mental stress and exertion of working and studying. By taking a short break, you allow yourself to destress and give your brain a chance to rest. When you get back to work, you will likely have an increase in motivation and a new perspective on your work as a result of your well-deserved break.

Listen to Music

Listening to music while you work is an excellent way to get a change of pace without stopping your work. Music can change your mood and provide motivation. Maybe you need to tune into the deep focus mix on Spotify, or maybe you're looking for some up-beat Oldies to bring some positivity to your workspace. Whatever you select for your jam session, it will bring a light-hearted and fun atmosphere to your workday.


One of the best ways to keep motivation and mood high is to treat your brain to some endorphins with exercise. This is also a great way to destress and let go of your work worries for a while. After a stress-relieving, satisfying workout, people often feel fresh and ready to take on challenges when they get back to their desk. Going on a run or hitting the gym is a great way to give your brain a break and stretch your legs while setting yourself up for success in the workplace.

Treat Yourself

Feeling sleepy or unmotivated? Maybe all you need is a snack to fuel your brain and lift your spirits. Food is shown to raise energy levels and provide emotional encouragement especially if you choose a snack that is both delicious and high in protein. Treat yourself to some well-earned nutrients to bring your spirits up and increase your productivity.

Dress to Impress

Sometimes all you need to do to feel better on the inside is to change how you look on the outside. If you feel extremely tired and discouraged, we suggest putting on your favorite outfit ensuring that you look nothing but fantastic when you leave the house. Dressing your best will bring you the confidence to feel ready to tackle the Wednesday ahead of you, and at the very least, you'll look great while doing it.

Already in a Slump? Here's a Wednesday Meme Collection to Cheer You Up

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If the strategies we listed above weren't enough to get you out of your mid-week slump, a Wednesday meme might be the answer to your weekday woes. Sometimes you just need a small pick-me-up to change your mood and find motivation to keep going, and giving yourself a smile or a laugh is the best way to do it. Wednesday memes are perfect for that as they are positive and funny enough to make you smile, but they only take a few seconds to appreciate. If you're at a loss for inspiration and motivation, try checking out one of these light-hearted, hilarious Wednesday memes.

Sing It Out

In this encouraging meme, a picture of Bon Jovi singing is featured with the words, "Welcome to Wednesday! As Bon Jovi once said, Whooooooaa, we're halfway there!" This meme not only immediately puts an amazingly upbeat and catchy song in your head, it reminds you that Wednesday is halfway to Friday. If you made it this far, who's to say you can't make it to the end of the week?

Hump Day Camel

No Wednesday Meme Collection would be complete without an appearance of the famous hump day camel. This meme shows the camel looking mischievous and saying "C'mon.. say it.. say it..!" We all know that he's trying to convince the reader to say, "Hump dayyyyy!" in the ridiculous voice that he uses in the GEICO commercial in which he appeared. It's almost impossible not to smile when confronted with this cheerful camel and his strange methods of motivation.

Try Your Best!

Sometimes it helps to see others struggling when you feel discouraged because nothing is worse than going through hard times alone. This meme shows an adorable puppy trying to get over a barrier that is too tall for him surrounded by the words, "Trying desperately to get over Wednesday.." One can only imagine how cute this struggle was in person, and picturing it brings a smile or a chuckle to even the most stressed office worker.

It's Basically Friday

It's Wednesday, but in the grand scheme of things, Wednesday is basically Friday! This meme displays a man with a silly expression explaining with flawless logic that "Today is Wednesday.. which means tomorrow is pre-Friday which means the next day is Friday, so it's basically Friday." Although in truth it may only be Wednesday, it's helpful to remind yourself that Friday is not so far away. We love this meme for the positive light that it sheds on an otherwise gloomy day of the week.


It's impossible not to smile when confronted with an adorable, happy otter! In this lovable Wednesday meme, an otter is pictured with the words "Wednesday . . . the week is now half over." He is matter-of-fact and positive at the same time, reminding us humans to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty.

Punny Kitty

Word puns may have a reputation for being cheesy, but they are perfect for a Wednesday slump. In this meme, a fluffy, grumpy looking kitten exclaims "What? It's only Wednesday! You gotta be kitten me!" He is clearly indignant and upset that he's only halfway through the week, but it's hard not to be cheered up by his cute face and perfectly placed pun.

Wisdom of Bugs Bunny

In this hilarious Wednesday meme, Bugs Bunny tells it like it is. He is pictured grinning and eating a carrot, with the words, "Wednesday . . . it's like the middle finger of the week." This description is only too accurate when one considers the exhaustion and discouragement that typically accompanies a Wednesday. Bugs Bunny's sardonic tone and cheeky grin are the perfect solution to a Wednesday slump.


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Hump day slumps happen to the best of us, but the key to getting through them is knowing how to combat these weekday blues. Working and studying shouldn't feel like a constant uphill battle, but they might if you don't know how to effectively fight the exhaustion and stress that accompany many Wednesdays. Studies show that smiling and laughing increase happiness and lower stress, so is there any better way to change your mood than to treat yourself to a funny meme? The next time you wake up deep in a hump day slump, try brightening your day with a clever, positive Wednesday meme.