41 Kermit Memes That Prove Its Not Easy Being Green


Kermit memes are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to the latest meme trends. The internet has blessed us with so many variations of Kermit memes, and here are some of my favorites:

1. I’d always rather sit in silence and stare into space than be forced to watch an ad.

2. We have to stop lying to ourselves.

3. I appreciated the $20 on my 8th birthday but now I need it to live.

4. Honestly…same.

5. Don’t all dishes need to soak? Asking for myself.

6. A true sign of failure.

7. *scans entire test for the word “measure”*

8. Hey there, buddy! How’s it hanging?

9. Sending texts to the group chat like

10. Nothing like a brief heart attack at 4:20PM.

11. Own your opinions!

12. Oh dear here we go

13. “my name is BOOOOOOOOOOOP it’s so nice to meet you” -my brain

14. Looks like I have about… $2.33 to buy this week’s groceries.

15. Why do moms do this?

16. Modern art at it’s finest.

17. What did I do to deserve this time sentence?

18. I am now accepting donations in this time of need.

19. I am my own audience and I am not ashamed.

20. Playing with fire? K.

21. Checkmate.

22. Feeling those acrylics dig into your forearm was worse than getting spanked as a kid.

23. When my two friends are busy, I just take a nap until they’re available.

24. I will spend my entire life searching for this answer.

25. I know my car, I know when it needs gas.

26. Undeniably me, thinking about those Double Stuf Oreos in my pantry.

27. How do they do that?

28. I’d love to say this isn’t true, but it definitely is.

29. I guess we’ll just see where this goes…

30. I’m sorry for who I am as a person.

31. 2 seconds into Lorde’s Melodrama album and I’m already like

32. Do it. Trust me.

33. Well, that was… unexpected.

34. Everyone needs a partner in crime.

35. Nothing like a meme to remind you to SAVE THE BEES!

36. Oh snap. There’s a mental image I definitely didn’t need.

37. How does one measure the Gettysburg Address?

38. Be respectful of others, Becky. Not everyone can be as attentive as you.

39. That’s what I’m saying!

40. I live for those brief moments of nirvana.

41. “Yeah I’m right around the corner, want me to pick up McDonald’s?”