10 Best Friend Memes to Send to Your Best Bud

simple best friend meme
simple best friend meme

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It has been said before, “friends are the family that you pick.” Life can become difficult – if not downright impossible – without the people you speak to on a daily basis. With television shows like Friends or Pretty Little Liars originating the idea of “friend goals,” every person is looking for their best friend. As the internet becomes a home away from reality, there are images known as the best friend meme.

Could you imagine trying to get through college exams, breakups, disappointing job interviews, being let go from a job, or having problems with paying rent without a best friend? It would be like trying to eat with no hands. While doable, it would be excruciating. Having someone who is always a 


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phone call is the perfect recipe to away is the perfect recipe to cure any sadness or anger you could be feeling at the moment.

You’re probably thinking about your best friend and what kind of memes are out there. A best friend meme can be simple or something that only the two of you find funny. In this guide, you will discover what a best friend meme is, how to pick one out and some examples of the best friendship memes on the market.

What Is a Friendship Meme?

Defined as “one’s closest and dearest friend,” a best friend is someone who starts out as a random acquaintance and then somehow ends up being your go-to person. A best friend is someone who accepts your flaws. And even if they’re late, a best friend is someone who you can rely on when times become too tough to face alone. They are the person who can heal any internal wounds, regardless of how awful you feel.

Your best friends are people who are closer to you than siblings and (in some ways) shape and influence the way you think. Especially for those who are not married or are without children, your best friends are the closest people to you and work in ways that can either encourage or discourage you from pursuing something. A best friend is someone who knows how you think and can always find solutions to your problems.

A best friend is someone you can act like a complete idiot with and after a while, you start finishing each other’s sentences. When a best friend moves away, you cry and feel as though a part of you has died on the inside. Remember that sad episode when Joey moved out of Chandler’s apartment?

When you and your best friend see each other again, it’s like a scene from Bridesmaids (minus the unfortunate food poisoning). Essentially, a best friend is a familiar person who always seems to know what to say when you feel like the entire world is against you. They find a way to bring you back to a state of tranquility whenever you teeter off the edge.

A best friend meme is an image, quote, or gif which encapsulates what friendship means. These memes can be either funny, inspirational, philosophical, and/or a mixture of both. Now that you’ve become excited by the possibility of finding a best friend meme for your special someone, the next question pertains to how one picks out the perfect one.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Meme to Send Your Best Bud

Picking the perfect best friend meme is like picking out your outfit for an interview. As you step in front of your closet, you are looking for an outfit that says you are powerful yet approachable. Like most people, your closet is filled with clothes that you haven’t worn in 


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years, and as you take a look in the mirror to see how the outfits look, none of them seem to convey your message. After a few hours of searching, you finally settle on an outfit which speaks to you. You quickly put it on and as you approach the mirror for confirmation, everything clicks.

Picking out the perfect meme to send your best friend is a similar process because you first have to decide what kind of message you are trying to convey. This message could be one of hope, one of pure humor, one to help that person know that they are loved, or one that helps a person become inspired before a major event. There is a lot that goes into picking out a best friend meme as it has to mean something to both parties involved.

search engine

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To find your perfect meme, start by typing something into a search engine like “funny best friend meme” and see what comes up. From those searches, click on the first couple of pages and look through some images. If you find something you know your friend will love, make a note of it and send it out.

Another, more specific method to finding the perfect meme is to think of a show or celebrity that you and your friend find funny or inspirational. For example, if you love the show Stranger Things, you could type the words “Stranger Things meme” into a search engine and see what comes up. From experience, the memes for this show are hilarious.

To figure out which meme is best for you and your best friend, sit down and look for what represents your friendship. Also, always keep in mind the message you are trying to convey when sending out this meme.

Top 10 Best Friend Memes

Now that you have a blueprint to pick the best memes, it’s time to get to the fun stuff. If you’re still looking for some inspiration, here are 10 of the best friend memes to get you started. Remember that these memes may not represent your specific friendship so use discretion when looking at these examples.

Can We Gossip In Peace?

best friends gossiping

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One of the best friend memes out there is from the show SpongeBob SquarePants. On the show, there is a character by the name of Squidward who is (ironically) an octopus. In the meme, there are two Squidwards sitting at a table looking irritated.

When you’re speaking to your best friend, it is as if no one else matters and when someone approaches your space, it’s an immediate annoyance. This meme works because Squidward always looks angry, even when he is happy.

The Hooded Kermit

kermit the frog and pink phanter

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Another meme that always gets the laughs is the Hooded Kermit. In this meme, there are two mirrored versions of Kermit the frog wearing a hoodie which covers his eyes. The thing that makes this meme work is the caption which reads, “when you & your friend both have terrible ideas & consistently encourage each other to act on them.”

While we all pretend to be brilliant, having a best friend to back you up makes you seem less crazy. A best friend is someone who goes along with your crazy ideas regardless of the outcome. Even though you two might up in jail for it, at least you will have the fond memories.

What’s a Diet?

eating on a cheat day

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Another best friend meme that always makes people laugh is the Pizza Diet meme. In this picture, two women are seen eating a large piece of pizza. A lot of times, you look to your best friend for encouragement and something that people always need help with is a diet.

Often started but rarely completed, a diet is a person’s way of stating that they want to make a change in their life. At the beginning of diets, you promise to cut out sugar (and anything else that tastes good) to get ready for summer but after two days, you reach for that can of coke.

This meme is perfect because instead of holding you accountable, a best friend will pull up a seat next to you and stuff their face with pizza. We’ve all been there, and this meme personifies that moment perfectly.

I Guess I Still Like You

best friends on a couples meme

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The Simpsons is one of the most popular television shows ever created. Although best friends rarely become romantically involved, the relationship you have a with a best friend is reminiscent of a marriage. In this meme, you see Marge and Homer Simpson lying in bed. Marge looks upset while Homer is trying his best to make her smile.

The caption reads, “When your best friend is mad at you.” Best friends can become easily upset because they share a special bond. As Marge and Homer show, it takes a lot of schmoozing to get in their good graces once you’ve made a mistake.

Hugs for Everyone

best friends hugging

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When you finally find that one person in your life who is your “best friend”, wanting to spend every waking moment with them is the ideal situation. However, as life goes on, the possibility that a separation may occur is high. Even afar, best friends will make their situation work and become even closer in the process.

In this meme, Buttercup and Bubbles from The PowerPuff Girls hug each other with unabashed joy. The caption reads, “When you see your best friend after a long time.” The amount of joy shown by the two characters is a reflection of the feelings best friends have for each other after reuniting.

Friendship Is Kind of Weird. Isn’t It?

woman and a tiger

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Most people do not spend time thinking about friendship and how it works. This next meme takes an ironic tone by pointing out the ridiculous nature of friendship. The quote reads, “Friendship is so weird, you just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like ‘yup, I like this one’ and you just do stuff with them.”

It is rather odd to think that before you met your best friend, you were two strangers going about your day, not knowing the other exists. This meme is made funnier by a picture of Will Ferrell and Bill Murray wearing identical argyle sweaters. The picture is as adorably awkward as you would imagine.

That’s What Friends Are For


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Everyone is aware of the saying “partner in crime.” When it comes to friendship, it is important to have someone in your corner who is down to do anything. A best friend is a person who is ready to jump to your side and does not question whether a choice makes sense.

Taken from the hit ABC show, Grey’s Anatomy, this meme is of Dr. Cristina Yang. The caption reads, “If I murdered someone, she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room. She’s my person.” Though killing is the worst thing that someone could do, making sure that you have a friend who would help get rid of the body is the level of friendship that should be aimed for.

The Good Old Times

the good old times

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Being with your best friend is almost like a marriage. You spend a lot of your time happy but now and then, you fight and have to get on good terms again. The longer you stay best friends with a person, the more alike you become in personality. In this meme, you see a black-and-white picture of two women standing on a bridge. The picture appears to be from the 1940s or 1950s and the caption reads, “We’ve been friends for so long I can’t remember which one of us is the bad influence.” There comes a time in every friendship when you don’t know who thought of which idea. Instead of fretting over it, best friends laugh and carry on with their day.

I’m Crazy for You

crazy for you hearts

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Text messages rule the way people interact with one another. From text messages with parents urging their children to clean to interview reminders, phones have become an important tool. When your best friend sends a text message, the amount of excitement felt is astronomical. In this meme, you see a picture of the popular rapper, Kanye West, staring at his phone. West sports a massive smile as he reads over the message. The caption attached to the image reads, “When I get a text from my best friend whom I love dearly and it’s really funny.” This caption is ironic because West has become known for his serious facial expressions.

We’re In This Together

cat and dog

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What separates a good friend from a best friend is the sheer amount of shared experiences that best friends go through. Not only do best friends know you (like the back of their hands) but they can also finish sentences and stories for you. In this last meme, there is a picture of Bruce Willis from the film, Die Hard. Bruce Willis’ character, John McClane, has a cigarette in his mouth.

The caption attached to the image reads, “A good friend knows all your best stories. A best friend has lived them with you.” Because best friends go through so many things together, there are bound to be a couple of bumps and bruises along the way. The bruises help to create a history and bond that is unbreakable.


As you can see, friendship is something that every person needs and wants. If you are lucky enough to have a best friend, make sure they know you’re thinking of them. Memes are powerful images that can help best friends bond by reminding each other of a time when something funny or ironic happened. A best friend meme is an extension of your friendship.