33 Relationship Memes Every Couple Will Relate To

Relationships are one of the most exhilarating experiences we have in our lives. They’re fun, adventurous, passionate, and most of all, you spend them with the person you love more than anyone else on the planet. We put together a list of 33 relationship memes that you definitely will send to your SO right away.

1. Spice it up. Do both simultaneously.

2. The best feeling in the world!

3. It’s hard being so understanding.

4. “Yeah we can FaceTime just gimme a sec…”

5. What I imagine the perfect relationship being like…

6. Where is the lie?

7. Guilty.


9. You can’t spell disappointment without “men”, except for when they text back. I love that stuff.

10. Welcome to the jungle, boo.


11. You bet I’m gonna show up with flowers for your momma.
















12. Are they still alive?

13. Scoot your booty on over here and spoon me!!

14. Well… okay.

15. Ew.

16. *any song by SZA comes on the radio*

17. I WISH this happened in real life. Let me know if it does?

18. Miss me with that cuteness for at least 2 more minutes, okay? I just wanna be mad!

19. Lemme just break out my federal investigation skills… remind me, what street did you grow up on?

20. Just pull over right here…


21. I’m always down for Olive Garden but after a while, it’s embarrassing to admit that I’m ALWAYS down for Olive Garden.




22. Nothing better than snuggles with your sweets…and the fine print. ūüėČ



23. Relatable af

24. Yeah, I know my boobs might stretch out the graphics, but that just adds personality to it, baby.


26. Is..¬†is this what it’s really gonna be like?

27. It’s just disrespectful, Brian.

28. Men are human space heaters and I love them, please let my piggies roast!


30. Let’s not pretend that I don’t wear the first outfit under my Muppets robe, though…


31. “just chillin wbu”

32. Bonus points if you keep them separated from your own clothes so they don’t lose the smell of his cologne.

33. I have two designer bags, and they’re both under my eyes.