10 Best I Love You Meme GIFS

red heart pillow with i love you texts
Image from Pixabay

Is there someone in your life that you need to express your love to? Have you been scouring the internet only to find I love you memes that are covered in glitter, cartoon-like bears, and imagery that's more suited for your grandmother? When you find the right GIF, it can make a situation that much funnier or that much sweeter.

People say a picture says a thousand words but sometimes a moving GIF can say that much more. Below we have compiled a list of the top ten best I love you memes on the internet. Our list contains memes for all occasions and levels of commitment. Explore funny friend-worthy GIFs, to serious, heartfelt animations, and we even tossed in a couple iconic gifs that couldn't be missed. Keep reading below to find the perfect GIF or meme for your situation!

What Is the Best Site for 'I Love You' Meme GIFs?

In our opinion, the best site to search for memes and GIFs is ​GIPHY. GIPHY contains the most extensive collection of GIFs across the internet due to their high-tech API. Through the use of this API, they are able to search and pull in any gif or meme on the world wide web. Their company goal is to “help make finding and sharing the good GIFs easier.”

If you are looking to take GIFs with you wherever you go, you can use sites and applications like tenor. Tenor, as their slogan says, is everywhere. In fact, more than 300 million people use Tenor each month to send and use GIFs across the world. That means there are over 12 billion searches each month. If that doesn't ensure a large library of memes and GIFs, we don't know what will.

Is There a Way to Create Your Own 'I Love You' Meme GIF?

There are many ways you can go about creating your own memes and GIFs. First and foremost a meme doesn't necessarily have to have movement. If you want to create a static image meme, you can use any photo editing software online. Even using basic programs such as Microsoft paint could serve your purpose.

Creating GIFs are a little more tricky. GIFs are moving images that loop and have a specific length limitation. Luckily, GIFs are so popular that there are many websites and software available, for free, to create your own. One of our favorite sites to use is ​ImgFlip.

When to Send an I Love You Meme GIF

Not sure when to send one of these memes or GIFs? Don't worry we've got you covered. Below are some of the most common reasons to send one of these silly or serious moving images.

Reason One: Friends

We don't know about you, but we love our friends. Our friends support us when we are down and are always there when we're ready to party. Sending an I love you message to a friend is a great way to showcase your appreciation. We like to send out these memes or GIFs to friends when they do or say things that are uniquely them. Did Jenny lock herself out of her apartment again? We have an I love you GIF for that below.

​Reason Two: Silly

​There are so many serious I love you memes on the internet it can almost be difficult to find a silly one. Sitting at work or in class and toss your friend a comical meme is a great way to break the monotony of the day. Take a look at our list below and you'll find a number of silly reasons to send these out to your friends and loved ones.

​Reason Three: Serious

​Sometimes it can hard to convey how you feel. Sending someone a GIF or a meme is an easy way to express something big. If you are having a hard time saying those three words or you just want to send some visual hints, this is a great way to do it! Just make sure to use words at some point, you can't get by totally on conversing with images.

​Reason Four: Long Distance

If you have ever been in a long distance relationship then you know how important communication can be. Sometimes a little message, meme, or GIF here and there can go a long way. Getting one of these images throughout the day just gives you or the person you send it to the reminder that you're thinking about them. Small and continued gestures are a great way to strengthen a lasting bond.

It is important to note that these memes and GIFs don't have to be for significant others, partners, or even love interests. The reason we kept our list relatively neutral was so these memes and GIFs could be used for any occasion for anyone. If you away from your family or even across the country, sending tiny messages like these is a great way to keep in touch. Plus, your grandparents will most likely be boggled at the new-age technology coming through on their phone, computers, or email.

The Best 'I Love You' Meme GIFs

Below we have compiled a list of the best I love you meme GIFs on the internet. There are a lot of sparkly and ridiculous memes out there that we wanted to avoid. Instead, we are bringing you a list of ten memes that are relevant, funny, and sometimes a little sweet. Keep reading, below, to find the best gif!

​Meme One: Bridesmaids

​Our first I love you meme comes to us from the beloved movie Bridesmaids. This GIF features Kristen Wig and Maya Rudolph confessing their love for each other. The kicker is, they both have chocolate cupcake all over their teeth, and they know it.

​Meme Two: Beyoncé

​The second I love you meme showcases the beautiful Beyoncé. In this GIF, Beyoncé is looking longingly toward something we can't see and mouthing “I love you, thank you, I love you!” Being loved by the queen herself is quite the honor. Whomever you send this to will surely recognize the significance of the gesture.

​Meme Three: Fez Heart

​One of our favorite memes on the list is Wilmer Valderrama, better known as Fiz from That ‘70s Show, making a heart in fingers over his face. As Fiz makes an outline of a heart he mouths the words “I love you.” This is the perfect I love you meme for partners and friends alike.

​Meme Four: Spongebob Ketchup Heart

​Next, on our list of I love you memes to send to your loved ones and friends is the Spongebob ketchup heart. Nothing screams nostalgia more than childhood cartoons, and the sweet simplicity of this GIF makes it all the better. We can't help but love watching the heart fill-in with ketchup over and over again.

​Meme Five: Pizza Heart

​What screams love more than pizza? Well, that's nothing in our opinion. In this hilarious I love you meme, a boy opens a box to reveal a sizeable heart-shaped pizza. The Vanna White presentation just adds to the fun.

​Meme Six: Rachel McAdams

​Do you ever have so much love for someone you want to express it in an intense way? Rachel McAdams helps us out with her intense I love you meme. In this GIF, she mimes out I love you with her eyes full and the brief, intense, pause at the end make us snort every time.

​Meme Seven: Sailor Moon

​Sometimes you want to send an I love you meme without actually saying the phrase. Sailor Moon is a perfect choice with her undulating heart eyes. This is an adorable choice for a plethora of situations.

​Meme Eight: Tim Gunn

​This meme may just be our absolute favorite on the list. This GIF features everyone's favorite Project Runway host, Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn waves a dismissive hand saying “I love you,” then does a serious double take and utters “stunning” while intensely glaring over his glasses.

​Meme Nine: Peanut Butter

​We couldn't help but get a little sappy with the I love you memes. This GIF features a slice of bread with peanut butter on it looking sad. Suddenly, a slice of bread with jelly on it taps him on the shoulder then promptly tackles him. They fall over and create a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Lastly, you see the words “It's nice to find your other half.”

​Meme Ten: Fox Snuggles

The Fox and the Hound is a classic childhood movie that your friends are bound to remember. We love this gif because it features the fox, Tod, getting nuzzled by a cute girl fox. You'll be hard pressed to find a GIFs the better represents your intention to snuggle!


At the end of the day, there is an I love you meme or gif for any occasion. As we continue to consume new media, more and more content will be created. With websites like Giphy.com, you'll always be able to search and stay up to date on the newest and greatest GIFs and memes.