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Top 10 Facebook Apps

More and more Facebook Apps seem to pop up everyday.  Luckily you have us to sort through the crap for you…

  1. Funny Status – Displays the top 25 facebook status updates of all times amongst other awesome things.  This app rocks.
  2. iLike – Very cool music app that allows you to add some songs to your FB page.
  3. BirthdayCards – Don’t just write on your friends walls, send them a card!
  4. Causes – Causes strives to empower people from all walks of life to have a positive impact on the world in which they live.
  5. How Well Do You Know Me – A classic quiz to embarrass your “so-called” friends.
  6. TweetDeck – Link your twitter & facebook.
  7. My Year in Photos – Reviews your photos posted in the past year in a fun nostalgic manner.
  8. YouTube Box – Add YouTube videos to your Facebook page.
  9. Xbox Live – Link your Xbox Live account and Facebook.
  10. FriendFeed – Connect all your social networks with FriendFeed.