Top 5 SNL Skits of the 2000s


Now entering its 42nd season of gloriously belly-busting late-night comedy, Saturday Night Live has been a healthy contributor to the sketch comedy scene, and does not show signs of stopping anytime soon. The 2000s were comedy gold for the clan at Studio 8H in the Big Apple. Though it be hard to narrow it down to a mere 5, the following are the 5 SNL funniest SNL skits of the 2000s.

1. More Cowbell

Will Ferrell and Christoper Walken are to this day a crowd favorite as Gene Frenkle and Bruce Dickinson in this tensely comedic sketch. Dickinson’s need for “more cowbell” encourages Ferrell’s tenacious striking of the instrument, and his band-mates’ increasing disgust towards his enthusiasm.

More Cowbell Gif
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2. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton are comedy gold in this political sketch. They appear as a sign of unification, and discuss life on the campaign trail and global warming. What they have to say about it is so funny you almost can’t hear Fey remarking as Palin: “I can see Russia from my house!”

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

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3. The Target Lady

Perhaps one of Kristen Wiig’s funniest characters, The Target Lady just can’t seem to have an interaction with a customer that isn’t super awkward or doesn’t include her divulging just a little too much personal information. Her antics are increasingly more funny due to the fact that she does not seem to be aware that she’s a little out of control.

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4. Lazy Sunday

A day filled with scads of Magnolia Bakery cupcake purchases and repeated views of The Chronicles of Narnia, Lazy Sunday is a hoot and Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell play off of one another so well, you would believe their Sunday was more fun than lazy!
Lazy Sunday

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5. Celebrity Family Feud

Kenan Thompson hosted many rousing rounds of Celebrity Family Feud, and one of the funniest was when Jimmy Fallon portrayed Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”, and Justin Timberlake played Jimmy Fallon. The two play off of one another so well, the laughs flow so easily in this comedic take on a game show classic.

Celebrity Family Feud JT and Fallon

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