Stop That! A Few Things You are Doing Wrong with Your Facebook Account

Facebook is all about having fun and enjoying keeping up with family and friends, right? Of course, that was the original intention of the social networking site, but as it grew from one little site of many to being the giant that dominates the market, Facebook has also become a place for criminals and the bad elements of the Internet to try to cause problems for people. It is no secret that, even though it is against Facebook policy, there have been people who set up fake profiles in an attempt to scam or injure another person.

The privacy no nos of Facebook.

There are other ways that people could cause you mischief if you are doing some things wrong on your Facebook page. Below, you will find some statements that you may be making with your Facebook settings, and the reasons why you need to stop that now.

It does not matter if my password is weak, no one would ever guess the name of my pet bunny from fourth grade!

Unfortunately, there are many ways that a weak password can be found out, and there are people out there that can find it out. Instead, you need something strong. It is fine to use that pet bunny’s name, but you need to also include numbers and upper and lower case letters. Instead of “fluffy” make your password “fl72UF1fy.” That may seem confusing, but when you get used to it, it will be no problem and much safer.

I do not care if people know my age, so it’s fine to leave my whole birth date up!

There is a great deal that identity thieves can do with your full birth date. Unless you want someone accessing your credit cards and your bank account, it is much smarter to alter your birth date. If you want people to know your birthday, just include the month and the day or take the birth date off your profile altogether.

Facebook Dog ComicI want all my friends to know when I am on vacation!

When you tell the Facebook world you are going to be out of your house for a certain amount of time, you might as well put a sign up in your yard that says “we are not home, come rob us!” If you want to say you are going to be on vacation, wait until you get back or just do not mention what days you will be gone.

Facebook can be a great site for keeping up with people if used correctly. Avoid these mistakes, and you can enjoy the site without fear of being a victim.