How to Spot the Annoying Facebooker


You probably already have a few on your friends list. You know the ones: those annoying people that do not stop at just sharing bits of their life from time to time. Whether you want to learn how to spot the annoying Facebooker so you can avoid them in the future or you just want to have fun categorizing your presently annoying Facebook friends, then this article is for you.

Your annoying Facebook Friends!
The original annoying friend.

There are many different types of annoying Facebookers lurking out there to muddle up your news feed. Here are some of the most prominent ones. When you read these, chances are, you will start thinking about different friends who fit just right into that category.

  1. The “everything in my life is interesting” Facebooker. These are the people who tell every minute detail from every part of their life, updating constantly as they move through their day, from eating breakfast, to taking a shower, to dealing with a coworker. These people will show up in your news feed constantly if you let them and chances are, they will tell you more than you ever wanted to know.
  2. The “everything in my life is a disaster” Facebooker. It seems that with these people, there is constantly one earth shattering drama after the other. Whether they have a stomach ache or their car broke down, they will make you wonder what they would do if something really went wrong in their life.
  3. The “I do not have to use good grammar” Facebooker. Some of these people use such bad grammar that it is difficult to even read just what they meant by their updates. This can be so annoying that you want to correct them all the time, but you would have to spend way too many hours of your life doing that.
  4. The “I am going to say something vague and then never elaborate” Facebooker. These people can be especially annoying since it is never clear what they are trying to accomplish. It seems they want someone to ask about their mystery post, but then they do not answer any questions. It becomes just frustrating to see their posts.

There are many different types of annoying Facebookers, and chances are, you could add a few more to the above categories. If you have friends that fit in these categories, remember you can always hide them from your news stream if you do not want to unfriend them. Or heck, you could make a Facebook group / fan page for them!  This way, you can stay in touch without being annoyed every day.

Can’t find any annoying Facebook Friends?  That means only one thing… the annoying Facebooker is you!

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