How to Ignore/Block Facebook Event Invites

It seems like it happens almost every day! You get Facebook invited to an event you have absolutely no interest in going to. Often times you might receive several invitations daily from various friends, family, and businesses. Fear not, there are some simple ways you can rid your newsfeed of this terrible epidemic, EVENT-SPAM. Here is step-by-step instructions on how to BAN repeat offenders from spamming up your event feed…

Step 1. Click Events in the top left hand corner.

Ignore Facebook Events

Step 2. Click “RESPOND” on the right hand side.

How to ignore Facebook event requests

Step 3. Click “REMOVE THIS EVENT” in the bottom left corner.

Remove this event from Facebook

Step 4.  Click “Ignore invites from…” to permanently IGNORE invites from the repeat inviter.

Facebook Events

Sit back and relax, you’ve successfully ignored the event spammer that has been clogging your feed any causing you unnecessary Facebook stress.