Facebook Addiction: oh yeah, it’s real


Don’t be embarrassed if you suffer from Facebook addiction. You join a huge group of friends—literally—that admit Facebook has become their greatest addiction. Young, middle-aged, and even old folks who know the Facebook gist get suckered in. It’s okay; we understand.

Paula Pile, a marriage and family therapist in Greensboro, North Carolina says Facebook has “turned into a compulsion to dissociate from your real world and go live in the Facebook world.”

This FB therapist says problems arise when users of the social network ignore work, family obligations, and in-person meetings for instant Facebook gratification instead.

Three addiction clues for Facebook addict sufferers

Take Pile’s “Facebook Compulsion Inventory” test to find out if you’re bordering 51/50 status.

1. Sleep is no longer a priority—Ah, but Facebook is!

Forget about sleepless nights. When there’s Facebook, who needs any shut-eye at all? After all, you don’t want to miss an important Facebook status update. And, if you’ve agreed thus far, you may suffer from Facebook addiction. But don’t worry; you join a social network of potentially millions of other “sufferers” if it makes you feel any better.

2. You spend countless hours on Facebook, and when you’re out and about, your mobile FB is always nearby.

If you’re constantly checking updates, posting photos, and chatting on FB, you may want to take inventory of how many hours you spend doing so. According to Pile, anything over an hour may indicate an addiction. And, when you’re constantly checking Facebook on your mobile, unable to part ways for any given time, you might have a problem.

3. You become a bit of a “secret admirer” (AKA stalker) on Facebook.

Facebook is kind of like texting—so easy to flirt and be flirted with. After all, it’s the world’s greatest popularity contest. But, be weary if you start “friending” and following old flames. If you find you’re constantly checking their updates, commenting on their wall, and sending messages that borderline on inappropriate, you gotta bite the bullet and practice some self-control.

4. Work vs. Facebook…. Facebook wins.

If you’re not doing your work, and constantly checking FB at the office instead, you may suffer from Facebook addiction. Worse, you could get fired. Get yourself in check, man!

5. The idea of deleting your Facebook makes you sick to your stomach

If you shudder at the thought of getting off Facebook altogether, step back and evaluate yourself. You seem sane enough, right? Think about it: does Facebook really matter that much?

Have you answered yes to one or more questions? Feed into your addiction (we’re enablers).  So we gotta ask…

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