Good Statuses for a Wednesday

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Funny Status for Facebook:

  • I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. (Courtesy of our 4.5-star Rated Funny Status Updates iPhone/iPod App)
  • I guess if I had laser hairs, I’d want them removed too.
  • It’s stupid how we spend money on clothes when naked is free.
  • Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.
  • They say “You are what you eat” so I guess we should eat skinny people.
  • By the time they had diminished from 50 to eight, the other dwarves began to suspect “Hungry”.
  • I’m trying to find myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.
  • I would not advise turning your frown upside down. The surgery is extremely painful and not covered by most insurance. ツ (Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page)
  • Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.
  • Texting + Facebook = Textbook… so I’m studying, right?
  • Facebook should change ” It’s complicated ” to ” It’s confusing & stressful. “
  • No, I do not have food in my teeth; haven’t you ever heard of tooth freckles? Now go away & leave me that toothpick. Jerk.
  • I’m an adult, so I will now refer to my “tummy” as my “stomach.” That is the only adult thing I’m signing up for.
  • An Apple a day keeps Windows away.
  • What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.
  • Don’t you hate when you forget what your about to say in mid sentence! It drives me crazy for the rest of the day!
  • The two most common things in the Universe are hydrogen, and stupidity.
  • Men are like coolers. Load them up with beer and you can take them anywhere. (VIA our Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )
  • A note left for a pianist from his wife: “Gone Chopin, have Liszt, Bach in a Minuet.”

Relationship Status of the Day: Don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t willing to waste their time on you.

Ironic Picture of the Day:

Well, that backfired...

Everyone can enjoy that one!

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