49 Cute, Wholesome Memes to Share with Your Loved Ones

Wholesome memes are the BEST. Making this article made me feel so good, so happy, so fulfilled. Be kind to one another. Be kind and send these memes to those you love the most.

1. Memes like this make me look forward to falling in love.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work.

3. Not in my Olive Garden, Jerry.

4. I can’t wait to shower you in endless affection and undying love.

5. Kindness goes a long way, and so does this train.

6. The thought of you makes me SMILE and chills go down my spine and I squeeeeeeee!

7. How many licks does it take to get to the center of my heart? Approximately one. This one, specifically.

8. I’m gonna love you whether you’re ready or not.

9. Look at the stars, look how they shine….like you!

10. i haz squeak food for you to eat

11. Supportive shark is here for you when it seems like no one else is.

12. The only pickup line I’ve heard that would probably work on me, tbh.

13. MEN ARE TRA- oh wait. Maybe not?

14. It’s 2018. We out here respecting differences and loving others unconditionally.

15. Please lower your voice so my anxiety can’t hear your frustrations and freak out

16. Climb on into the thunder vest of my arms, my love.

17. OOPS!

18. gotta DASH

19. He’s dressin to impress

20. Give them all to me. We can carry them together.

21. Wholesome use of typically-unwholesome meme.

22. Send this to whoever pops up in your head first when you read this meme.

23. Yes mother how may I tell you about my undying love for you?

24. I need me a friend like this

25. It’s so hard because anxiety but I do it because I LOVE YOU.

26. Gonna swaddle you up in my emotions and tuck you in real good.

27. Teach your children to love unconditionally!!

28. This is how my brain works. I definitely have thought this exact phrase at least 4 times.

29. I. Love. Hugs.

30. Sometimes, it’s this simple. Sometimes, it isn’t. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember.


32. Save this to your phone so the next time your boo leaves and doesn’t text you in the 13 minutes you know it takes to drive from your house to theirs, you can send it to them.

33. Get ready because I’m setting aim.

34. As much as we love depression memes, it’s important to encourage healthy thoughts amongst your friends!!

35. This is a great reminder for anyone who suffers from their brain being an asshole. Spread it around!

36. Guilty as charged.

37. Things are looking up, friends!!

38. I’m not even mad.

39. Yaaaaaas girl you hydrate your beautiful self!


41. It’s so hard to respect people’s opinions when they directly contrast your own morals and values, but I’m out here trying my hardest!

42. I’d pay good money to be able to hang with Charleston.

43. Proof that we should all try making friends in unexpected locations.

44. You are one big, beautiful conglomeration of things.

45. chomp chomp

46. Cherish them!! Love them!! Respect them!!

47. Defending my fragile confidence and trying to love myself when my brain constantly tells me I’m not worthy of love is like-

48. The greatest gift of all is making others feel loved.

49. If my whole camera was of your beautiful, smiling face, I’d be happy.