Why Everybody Needs A Good Morning Meme Every Single Day

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Let us be honest, it can be difficult (for most people) to get going in the morning. With the demands of getting to work, planning out meals, bills piling up on the kitchen counter, and children constantly needing your attention, it can feel as though you're drowning. While some people have never considered it, the right good morning meme can completely flip how a person approaches their day.

While most people begin their mornings hitting the snooze button on their alarms, hoping to get that last five minutes of sleep before the realities of life hit them, imagine waking up to a good morning meme that adds a little humor and positivity to your day. Humans are emotionally driven creatures and being able to have humor injected into their lives could stop someone from having a complete emotional breakdown.  

In this guide, you will find out why everybody needs a good morning meme, different places to find these memes and the people who would benefit the most from having memes in their lives. It's never a bad time to get a good morning meme, and this guide will show you why.  

Why Everybody Needs a Good Morning Meme

Something that no one wants to admit is that life is hard. When people are children, they spend a lot of their energy wishing they were older. When children turn 10, many of them look forward to their teenage years and the ability to feel independence from their parents. As young children turn 16, they feel a greater sense of independence as they are finally eligible to get their hands on the ever-elusive permit.

Good Morning Meme

As children graduate from high school, a sense of relief overcomes them as they realize that they have freedom to look forward to. Once at college, that child---now a young adult---is thrust into a world without parental supervision. And for four years, that young adult perhaps feels on top of the world.

In the blink of an eye, it is time for graduation,  and though this young adult does not have job prospects, the future seems bright. After being forced to move back into their parents' house (because of increases in rent prices and student loan payments), the free-living young adult suddenly drowns in bills. Every paycheck they receive seems to disappear; as they are dispersed between groceries, car payments, student loans and medical fees.

While this young adult used to wake up every morning looking forward to class and seeing their friends, those feelings are replaced by anxiety. These anxieties cause this young adult to continue hitting the snooze button while also finding any excuse in the book to stay at home. The world that was once vibrant and promising becomes a place that is too hard to overcome.

While this scenario may have been an exaggeration, it is not a far cry from how many people function. With the value of money being tied to happiness, it becomes harder for those who do not have material things to feel a sense of belonging or happiness.

The Good Morning Meme:  Breakfast for Your Brain

Mornings are the time of the day where those few hours (or seconds) you have to yourself can completely shift your mindset. Imagine waking up and having something funny or inspiring to look forward to. There is truth to the saying, “a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.” When a person has a positive approach to their days, even when things do not work out, it does not weigh down on their heart.  

It has often been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps to get your system and mind going in a good direction by allowing the person to feel a sense of connection. Something that many people neglect is feeding their minds and emotions.

Being emotionally full and satisfied is just as important as feeling physically full. If a person goes through their life feeling they are running on empty, it becomes harder for them to get going. As life become more complicated and possibly harder, it takes more effort for tasks to become completed, resulting in poorer performance. This lack of performance is not only work-related but could also transition into their performance as a spouse or parent.

The reason that a good morning meme is something that everyone can use is because people need to find the humor or inspiration in life. As time goes by, people have to remember to find things in life that make them smile, otherwise, it becomes very difficult to make it through the day. A good morning meme could be just the thing that helps a person step into a meeting, interview or exam feeling like they can conquer the world.  

The Best Places to Find Good Morning Memes

Now that you understand the importance of a good morning meme, some of you may be wondering where you find them. While there are several places to find a good morning meme, there are websites that produce incredible content. Before disclosing the location of these memes, it is important to know the definition of the thing you are looking for.

Good Morning Memes

Technically, a meme can be ideas, viral news, fictional characters, living people, videos, images, quotes or ironic realizations that are shared on social media platforms, like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

To find a meme, active social media users scroll through their news feeds and come across a picture with a funny caption attached to it. For example, one of the most popular memes is one of Oprah wearing a red dress, holding a microphone and yelling at the top of her lungs. While most memes are created for humor, there are some that dig a little deeper and have a philosophical message.

There are others that draw attention to important issues in society and show how things have not changed as much as people think. Also for those who love trivia, the word, "meme," comes from the Ancient Greek word mimema which is literally translated to “something imitated.”

Good Website Examples

One place to look for good morning memes is a website called goodmorningmylove.com. This website is filled with incredible memes that fit any kind of mood or occasion. There are several categories listed on the top banner; for those feeling romantic, they can click on that section and find specified options.

There are “love quotes for him," "love quotes for her," "true love quotes,and several other categories. In the "good morning my love" messages, there is a great combination of poems, love letters, text messages and images to choose from. This section features many quotes and images that are both inspiring and sentimental.

If you're more in the mood to have a laugh when you first wake up, this website also features a funny section. Once clicked, a person can find quick links to funny good morning text messages, good morning quotes and good morning poems. The best ones are images that feature animals looking as disheveled as humans often feel after a long day of work. There is also a section featuring funny quotes with the word “morning” in it.

Another website worth checking out is funnymemess.com. Filled with a variety of memes, this website also is split into the categories of love memes, birthday memes, funny memes and miscellaneous memes. When the funny memes section is clicked, there is a gallery of themed articles.

For example, if you click on “100+ funny good morning memes.” you will find a plethora of popular memes. The memes are separated into different sections, like “cute good morning memes” or “good morning beautiful memes,” and all of them will make you smile. The ones featuring babies making funny faces are always adorable and will melt even the coldest of hearts.

Who Should Receive My Good Morning Meme Today?

Now that you know places where you can find the free medicine known as the good morning meme, it is important to note who would benefit the most from these memes. The short is, everyone. Good morning memes are the secret ingredient missing in the lives of many people who are feeling uninspired.

Good Morning Meme

Many of these people also feel as though there is nothing left to look forward to. Having a funny or inspiring message can inspire people to follow a dream that was shelved or explore a new avenue they never thought possible. Sometimes life can make you feel as though it is harder than it really is. With the ability to have an escape, those positive memes may be the thing that someone needs to keep going.


Good Morning Meme

As one can see, the good morning meme is something more than just a funny message. A meme can become a reminder of a dream, a goal or just offer inspiration. Good morning memes help people find the humor in life and may also inspire deeper thinking. If you're still curious, give those websites a try to see for yourself.